Must-Have Items for Hiking


San Diego State University alumnus Brian Borg earned a degree in philosophy and graduated summa cum laude. He continues to live in San Diego, now with his wife and children. In his free, Brian Borg and his family enjoy hiking in surrounding national parks.

Before setting off for a hike, hikers must plan carefully and prepare for any changes in weather conditions that may arise. Some of the most important items to take on a hike include:

Correct clothing. To avoid damp clothes and chafed skin, hikers should ensure that every item of clothing they wear is suitable for long treks, including their undergarments and socks. An ideal hiking outfit has layers of moisture-wicking fabric and sturdy hiking boots.

Survival gear. If a hike is planned for several days or during times of inclement weather, hikers should be prepared in case of an emergency. Essential survival items include a portable water purification system, fire-starting materials, and a first aid kit.

Several types of protection. To minimize exposure to the elements, hikers should take sunscreen, headwear, sunglasses, and a lightweight emergency blanket.